I’m the founder of SnapStream, makers of TV search and TV monitoring software. I studied computer science and mechanical engineering at Rice University.

I was born in Houston, TX and when I was 11, my family picked up and moved to New Delhi, India for 5 years where I attended the American Embassy School. I returned to Houston and finished up high school at St. John’s School followed by my undergraduate studies at Rice University.

Family is a big part of my life. My wife and I spend a lot of our time raising two beautiful girls. We live next door to my Mom and Dad in a sort-of extended family setup. And I have three sisters and two brother-in-laws — all of whom are brilliant and accomplished.

Someone I knew at Rice always had the tagline “aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada” in his emails– this applies to me! I’m passionate and interested in a lot of different things including photography (though recent work has been limited to, well, my daughters), India (I love traveling there — see pics from a past trip to Sikkim), running, and Montessori education (I’m on the board of my children’s Montessori School, the Post Oak School).

I’m also an investor in an early-stage venture capital fund started by one of the founders of Akamai and I am also an investor and mentor in energy software tech accelerator, Surge.

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