Updated: October 2014

I’m the founder of SnapStream, makers of TV search and social TV software. I also help run a Houston manufacturing business started by my Dad.

I was born in Houston, TX and when I was 11, my family picked up and moved to New Delhi, India for 5 years where I attended the American Embassy School. I returned to Houston and finished up high school at St. John’s School followed by my undergrad in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering at Rice University. Yes, very technical background, but I also took drawing classes and a year of introductory Art History.

Family is a big part of my life. My wife and I spend a lot of our time raising two beautiful girls and our son. We live next door to my Mom and Dad in a sort-of extended family setup. And I have three sisters and two brother-in-laws — all of whom are brilliant and accomplished and inspire me to want to do great things.

Someone I knew at Rice always had the tagline “aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada” in his emails– this applies to me! I’m passionate and interested in a lot of different things including photography (though recent work has been limited to, well, my children), India (I love traveling there — see pics from a past trip to Sikkim), running, art, and Montessori education (I’m on the board of my children’s Montessori School here in Houston, the Post Oak School).

I’m also an investor in an early-stage companies and a few venture capital funds (which invest in… early-stage companies). As of October 2014, I’ve invested directly in about 25 start-ups. They’re almost all technology companies and mostly not in Houston, though a few are (CloudCalc, Fannin Partners, Surge Accelerator). Some start-ups investment came from attending Y Combinator’s demo days and others through AngelList and others through friends.

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