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  1. Hello,

    I found your blog re the iPhone being used as a surrogate (my word) remote for your garage door opener.

    Here’s why I did a search at all re iPhones and garage door remote codes being changed: I had my Genie remote (the system is @ 13 years old) in the same pocket as my iPhone 5c. The phone rang, I took the call – then when I went to use the remote to close the garage door, it would not work. The battery check turned out fine and depressing the button on the remote was triggering the receiver in the garage – the blinking LED light would correspond to the button pushes, so the transmission of a signal from the remote to the receiver was still happening. Also, the direct wired button from the wall-mounted button switch would operate the door just fine. But the remote was now apparently sending a changed code!

    I am reporting this chain of events accurately; of course, i do not claim to understand anything about the ability of an iPhone signal from an incoming call to shift the frequency setting in the remote, but it appears that this is what has happened…

    Any feedback would be appreciated greatly

  2. Dude your how to get past “The best driver software for your device is already installed” blog saved me from a problem I’ve been having for months. Thank you so much man. Stupid thing just would not let me install the latest driver for my video card.

  3. Good day.

    I came across your blog looking for Tesla info, and I see that you are also a coffee enthusiast. I am rather fanatical about coffee and will also soon be an owner of a dark grey Model S.

    My wife and I visited a coffee farm near Manizales, Colombia, and we loved it. We plan to return with our adult children in the coming year or two. We stayed in the beautiful hacienda and ejoyed the peace of nature and toured the coffee operation and learned about the process from seedling to cup. http://www.haciendavenecia.com

    Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your photos and opinions.



  4. Hello,

    I have seen you in Angellist and came to know that you are open for the investments in case of a good project plan.
    I am having the plan and looking for the investors.

    Please accept my invitation and let me know if it is a mutual interest.

    Many Thanks,

    Shabeeh Abbas

  5. Hi Rakesh – found your profile via angel.co and I’d like to get your advice on the Fintech company I am building

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