high-speed overseas file transfer service

Dear As-of-yet-non-existent-reader,

I’d love to have a consumer-priced service that I could use to ship large files (e.g. video files for a DVD or lots of high-resolution photographs) from here in the United States to India. Most of Shonali’s side of the family live in India and I’m always sending them photographs online (see http://www.agrawal.org/ananya/). On occasion, I’ve created DVDs (on my iMac) and sent them over with other family I’ve had traveling to India or through a courier service. But I’d much rather just be able to capture & author the video, set it to upload to somewhere and know that it will get delivered to them on CD or DVD. Basically, I want to avoid the whole step of filling out a bill of lading, finding out how much it’s going to cost, etc. etc.

Do you know of any such service? Do you have one that you can recommend?

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