Logitech MX900 (for my Mac) on its way

So I ended up buying the Logitech MX 900 to replace the one-button corded Mac Mouse that came with my iMac. It’ll be here in a couple of days and I’ll post a report then. While this mouse doesn’t officially support the Macintosh, the reviews out there say that it works just fine with Mac’s that already have Bluetooth (mine does).

If this thing works well, then I’ll have to move on to replacing my wired keyboard with Apple’s wireless version. I like the fact that this keyboard is nice and compact so it would be hard to replace with most of the other bluetooth keyboards that are out there.

In the course of searching for Bluetooth mice and keyboards I discovered that there aren’t many such devices out there. I should have guessed that this would be the case from the whole process I went through of un-installing Microsoft’s crappy XP SP2 bluetooth drivers and replacing them with 3rd party drivers (Widcomm / Broadcom drivers) to get Bluetooth to work on my XP laptop. Obviously, without Microsoft’s support in Windows, a hardware standard like Bluetooth would have a hard time building a strong ecosystem.

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