Disposable video camera from CVS: follow-up

I finished off the remaining video footage on the “disposable” video camera that Anu bought from CVS and dropped it off at a nearby CVS just before lunch. After lunch, I swung by the same CVS and was disappointed by two things: 1) they tagged me with a charge of another $12.95 (+tax) for the DVD (?!?) and “processing” and 2) the quality of the video on the DVD was seriously lackluster. I shouldn’t have expected much better, but the net-net is that definitely wasn’t worth $45. I still love the hardware and the simplicity of the model, it’s so well contained as a product:
1) buy/rent some inexpensive and simple hardware
2) have fun using it to record video and then
3) hand-off to someone and get a DVD back.

I didn’t have to mess with any firewire / USB cables, I didn’t have to think about video qualities to save to the DVD, etc. It just worked, it was foolproof. So I like the idea, I like the hardware, but the final product was expensive and low-quality.

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