Book Search in Delhi

While the debate around book search rages on in the U.S. tech community and around the world, witness the power and efficiency of book search in New Delhi, India at Teksons Book Store (GK-1 M-Block market):

1. I execute a query for ‘Lord Ganesha’s Feast of Laughter’ with a store manager

2. The store manager dispatches two resources to search for the book (see photograph below)

3. The book is delivered to me with a response time of 5.342 seconds

3 thoughts on “Book Search in Delhi”

  1. you should visit Crossword in Gurgaon . it is far ahead to TekSon in terms of Decor ,Selction (not applied for programming books )& Space .

    As you are coming to Gurgaon for geek dinner on Monday see if you can make it there . it is in Galaxy Mall near 32nd Milestone on Highway

    see you at dinner

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