Cingular is promoting Google SMS

I have to admit that I’m a big fan of many (but not all) Google products. One product that I’m a fan of is Google SMS. I’ve turned quite a few people on to this since I started using it more than 9 months ago and I still have people coming back to me telling me about how useful it is to them. And in spite of now having access, through Cingular’s EDGE network, to mobile versions of Google’s local search, I still use Google SMS fairly often. So I was pleased to see my cell phone carrier, Cingular, promoting Google SMS to subscribers in a recent e-mail newsletter I received:

Is Google paying for this or is Cingular simply deriving extra text messaging revenue from this?

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  1. I received a bill from Cingular that was grossly over stated, it was 5 times plus my standard usage cost. They rebilled me for the previous month (october ’06) and subsequently caused every day’s phone usage to incur a cost outside of the standard allotted minutes. I called up to remedy this ill and an agent gave me some retarded opinion as to the course of action I should take to remedying the problem that they created. After simply reiterating what she had told me, for clarification, she said that I was making her life/job/situation more difficult than it was aready. What a harsh and inappropriate response from a represntative. She needs to leave her unkind and verbal belittling at home. Though she is not Cingular she reflects their training and culture. This company is inconsistent and void of customer sensitivity. The other issue is that of the whole migration from AT&T to Cingular. If I switch I will be incurring a $10/mth additional charge because Cingular does not have a plan that reflects the one I had with AT&T,and am currently using. Why should a customer pay for Cingular’s lack of foresight. I appreciate that companies are in business to relize profits but I wasn’t aware that they were also in business to SHAFT CUSTOMERS and behave UNETHICALLY! I am so not renewing my contract with these theives!

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