At the Future of Web Applications event


I’m at the Future of Web Apps event in San Francisco’s today and tomorrow. If you are here, give me a shout.

Some brief notes since I left Houston yesterday:

  • Apple marketing really knows how to hit all cylinders at once with their launch messaging. When I got into SF last night, I saw a billboard on US101 for the new color Nanos and then when I got into the hotel, this e-mail was waiting for me:


  • I sat next to this guy on the flight from Houston to SFO yesterday who was grad student in bio statistics at John Hopkins in Baltimore. It comes time to eat and they give him a meal and he puts it on his tray but doesn’t actually start to eat it. He’s alternating between looking at his watch and looking at the stewardesses who are a few rows away from serving us drinks. I’m thinking, “This guy really doesn’t want to eat without a drink first!”. Fine, so the drink finally arrives and he gets an iced tea and he specifically asks if he can keep the entire can. Fine, the stewardess says. Then the stewardess says, can I get you anything else for your iced tea — lemon, sugar…? His response, Yes, I’d like a glass of water. !? OK, so now he goes into overdrive organizing everything on his tray, his food tray, his burger, and the two beverages and one can that he has. It looks like he’s doing some feng shui thing with them all on his tray. So he gets them exactly how he likes them and then he reaches down underneath the seat into his bag and pulls out a… camera. He snaps a photograph. At this point, I couldn’t not ask him what was going on. His answer: Ha! Wild. He said it was just a sort of hobby for him.

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