Michael Arrington is just trying to increase his readership

Marc Canter says of Michael Arrington’s Google-SpaceShipOne replica blog postings: “Who the fuck cares about that bullshit!” I had a similar, albeit much tamer, question when I read these postings on TechCrunch over the weekend but the answer seems pretty obvious to me. First of all, based on Michael’s history of posting, I can tell that he’s no Google fanboy so I’m pretty sure Michael didn’t post this because he wanted publicly adore Google (if anything, he might have been trying to do the opposite in an unspoken manner). So the reason he’d post something like this is simple — it was a Google-scoop in a world where everyone loves the latest kooky Google story and a scoop like this, if successful, promises to bring with it lots of great link juice, potential mentions in offline publications and, ultimately, lots of readers. And, again I don’t know Michael personally, but from the few times I’ve talked to him and heard him speak, if there’s one thing Michael does care about (and is good at), it’s increasing his readership.

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