I loved “Little Miss Sunshine”

It’s not often that I watch an in-flight movie, but my flight this morning was playing “Little Miss Sunshine” and Apu had recommended this movie to me so I decided to check it out. The movie was great. The characters, the acting, the story — all great. But the cinematography was especially spectacular and it’s what made me love this movie so much. It felt like every shot in the movie was an carefully composed photograph, whether it was a shot of the angst-ridden teenager character reflected in a mirror during the intro or their van (the “bus”) set against a midwestern sky at dusk. Who deserves the credit for this stuff? How much of it is the work of the cameraman? How much the work of the director? I’m curious to know, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because I loved the final product.

(On a side note, Apu, if you are reading this, you’re partially redeemed by this movie recommendation but your last one (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna) was a real dud so you still have a ways to go)

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