Dr. Ken Kennedy dead at 61

I just learned that Rice’s Dr. Ken Kennedy passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. Dr. Kennedy would alternate teaching Rice’s compilers course with Dr. Keith Cooper and when I took the class, Keith was teaching it so I missed have him as a professor. But I had meetings with him on a couple of occasions after graduation and was always impressed with his clarity of thought and friendliness. I had also run into Dr. Kennedy’s wife in the past months and I knew of his struggle with cancer. I’m saddened to hear that he’s passed away at the young age of 61.

One thought on “Dr. Ken Kennedy dead at 61”

  1. Ah, KK was my “grandadvisor” (advisor’s advisor). Didn’t really know him, and hadn’t heard he died until I stumbled upon your blog… Sorry to hear that.

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