Blurb: soft cover versus hard cover

As I mentioned here on my blog last week, I had Blurb print the same book for me as a soft cover and as a hard cover and while I loved the hard cover, I wasn’t so excited about the soft cover. I thought the only difference between the two books would be the quality of the covers. But actually, the print quality of every page of the hard cover was better than that of the soft cover. I had a friend ask me more about the quality difference so I went and scanned one of the same pages from each:

A photograph from the hard cover:
Hard cover

…and the same page from the soft cover:
Soft cover

Admittedly, this photo didn’t have the best lighting to begin with, you can tell that the soft cover provided a lot less color depth.

One thought on “Blurb: soft cover versus hard cover”

  1. Thank you for the comparison, I was thinking of doing the first version of my photobook in softcover, to proof the layout and for typos, since it would be cheaper, and then print the final in hardcover. Now, I can see that would have been a mistake! Thank you so much!

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