My next cell phone?

The HTC S730, a phone to possibly replace my Cingular 2125

While I’m as excited as the next gadget freak by all the talk of the new Apple iPhone, the mythical Google phone, and Palm’s next SmartPhone-move, the new HTC S730 (aka the HTC Wings) could actually be my next phone. I have the Cingular 2125 right now and the clincher for me is that the HTC Wings is about the same size and weight as my 2125 and it has a slideout keyboard.

Cingular 2125 size/weight: 116mm x 46mm x 18mm, 106 grams
HTC Wings size/weight: 100mm x 50mm x 19mm, 120 grams

For some reason, I don’t know of too many SmartPhones in this size/weight category. Don’t other people want something small that easily slips into the pocket without taking up too much space and can be held and operated with one hand? More info on the HTC S730 (aka HTC Wings) at PDA db.

One thought on “My next cell phone?”

  1. That looks like a great phone, its the first I’ve seen of it. I have the HTC-made Cingular 8525 right now and really like it, but the form factor on this is even better. Nice find. (BTW, great to see you and catch up @ SXSW). Congrats on the Couchville launch.


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