Ditching Yahoo Hosting for this WordPress blog

I’ve decided to cut loose from Yahoo Hosting for this blog — it’s just too slow! When I’d go to make a posting on my Yahoo Hosted WordPress blog, loading the wordpress admin interface would typically take 30 seconds and sometimes even more! So let’s see if my blogging behavior changes any with the switchover. I’m thinking of making wordpress.com my new home. I’ve met Matt and like him plus I figure they probably know a thing or two about hosting wordpress.

One thought on “Ditching Yahoo Hosting for this WordPress blog”

  1. Worpress.com is fine if you’re not interested in a lot of customization. The flip side is you don’t have to mess with maintenance and such. The price is right too.

    I’ve been with Media Temple a year and have been very pleased. They’re not always perfect (though mostly), but they’re always helpful and honest. Something I didn’t have with a former sketchy host.

    By the way, you’re a few revs behind in WordPress software. You might do better by upgrading. Using a script to update is most efficient. Check out EasyWPUpgrade:

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