Matt Mullenweg, fellow Houstonian, recently switched his website to (a domain name registered in Trinidad and Tobago). Join the club Matt! What club would that be? Why, people who have their names as domain names through a foreign country top-level domain of course.

I switched this blog to about a year and a half ago, thanks to the country of St. Helena (they control the .sh domain name). But, I confess that I got the idea when I saw Pete Rojas’ personal website at Anyways, I like my domain but it *is* a pain to spell it out to people because most people just don’t expect a domain name to end in anything but .com. The other thing I worry about is whether world politics could ever result in my domain name being taken away from me.

Here’s to hoping that the United States doesn’t declare war on St. Helena (or, for Matt’s sake, Trinidad and Tobago!) 🙂

3 thoughts on “,,”

  1. i tried getting, but lost it halfway through the registration process, when it suddenly became “unavailable”

    i do have another one, though: for plus minus zero. quite a mouthful, eh? so i got myself an idn: ± try explaining to people that they have to use the numeric keypad with num-lock on, and press alt+0177 for the symbol. have finally settled on, where the o supposedly stands for online, or otherwise, or any word which fits the occasion.

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