Wanted: A cradle that fits an iPhone *with* the cover on

Apple iPhone cradleApple iPhone cradleApple iPhone cradleApple iPhone cradleApple iPhone cradle

I’m looking for an iPhone cradle that will fit my iPhone with the cover on. I want to put one on my desk at work and one on my bedside table at home. There are all types of iPhone cradles available out there (as shown above) but everything I’ve come across appears to be fitted exactly to a bare, cover-less iPhone. The only thing that I think *might* work is this cradle from Incipio:

incipio iPhone case

But, as far as I can tell, this thing isn’t actually shipping (yet) and I haven’t gotten any response from emails sent to the company either.

5 thoughts on “Wanted: A cradle that fits an iPhone *with* the cover on”

  1. Sena cases typically are not cheap… but they do produce dockable cases.

    Otherwise why not just use a USB cable plugged in to charge on the nightstand?

  2. The Sena case might not be a bad option — thanks for that tip (this is the one I’d consider using: http://www.senacases.com/Brands/Apple-iPhone-Cases/SENA-LEATHERSKIN-CASE-FOR-iPHONE). But I think the leather case would be too bulky for my taste.

    I have the USB cable at the nightstand already. A cradle would be preferable because my USB cable is always falling off my nightstand. With the right cradle, I think it’s more likely that I’ll drop the thing into the cradle every night.

  3. [looking up your birthdate…]

    Ah, okay. I have a solution for you. You’ll still use your cable…but I will get you something that makes sure your phone doesn’t slide off the nightstand. I have to go hunting for it, however, so thank goodness I have a little bit of time.

  4. I ended up buying the fourth cradle shown above (it was a China-special at $12) and took a Dremel tool to it. It pretty much works, but it’s certainly not an elegant solution!

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