Using a wicker basket for cable management

This weekend, I set my sister up with some whole home audio courtesy of her iPhone, iMac, iTunes, and a couple of Airport Expresses (Lifehacker’s how to).  One Airport Express and speaker pair went in the kitchen but the cables were a huge mess:

  • the Airport Express and speakers each needed power
  • there was the cable connecting the speakers together
  • there was the cable connecting the speakers to the Airport Express
  • add to that the existing power cords for a digital photo frame and a cordless phone charger power cord

This is a good time to explain this particular sister of mine: I call her the Indian Martha Stewart (before Martha Stewart went to jail — ie when she was just known for being an freakishly obssessive homemaker). Yup, that’s an accurate description of my sister. So I knew that left alone, the mess of cables wasn’t going to survive more than a few days.

I found a solution in a wicker basket.  Here were the ingredients for my solution:

  • squid power supply (Amazon link)
  • a wicker basket (for some reason, my sister has a cabinet full of these things)
  • some hefty scissors
  • a bunch of cable ties

1. First, this particular wicker basket had a bunch of internal compartments.  I remove most of the walls that created these compartments with the scissors.  

2. Removing the compartments made it so I could rest the squid power supply inside the thing. The tentacles plugs were essential — with them, I could bend the outlets around the inside of the basket.

3. I cut square openings (about 1.5″ by 1.5″) on the left, right and back of the wicker basket.

4. Then I positioned everything inside and outside the basket and cable-tied all the loose cables, plugged everything in, and pushed everything inside the basket as low-down as possible.  Done!

The Container Store should be making and selling this thing!

Photographs of the final product:



I think it helped that the wicker basket I had stuffed all the cables inside of had this steel frame.  Here’s a shot inside the basket…



One of the square openings I made on the left side of the basket:


And the one on the left side of the basket:


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