Why isn’t there a ‘Posterous’-like auction site?

I write this as I slog through the complexity and confusion that is eBay’s “eBay Selling” app for the iPhone (selling my Dad’s old Palm Pre)– at this moment, I’m literally waiting for eBay’s app to upload photographs, my 5th attempt to get the Palm Pre listed on eBay through this iPhone app!!

Someone needs to do an auction website + app for the iPhone that’s dead simple — like Posterous does for blogging.

Posterous’s tagline on their frontpage is “the dead simple place to post everything” and I want to see “the dead simple place to sell anything.”

Let me pre-fill my preferences and what-not on their website.

Then point my iPhone’s camera at what I want to sell and take some photos. Give me a really simple app on the iPhone. Kill most of the options that eBay’s throws in the way of getting an item listed. Let the photographs do the selling.

It took me about 20 minutes to get this item posted for sale on eBay. I should have been able to list it in 5 minutes.

I’ve got about 10 other things in my home office that I really want to get rid of but that’s 10×20 = 200 minutes = 3+ hours… and that isn’t time I want to spend.

Make it so dead simple that a celebrity with a cell phone can sell their stuff to the celebrity mongering public. After all, part of what’s made twitter so successful is making it so dead simple that people who otherwise had no time or interest, are suddenly engaged by the medium.

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