Playing around with Sony’s Google TV product

I had a chance to play around with one of Sony’s new Google TV devices last week on Friday.

Some photographs of stuff running in the TV’s task manager:

Looks like a lot of services that mirror the state of the DVR– so that’s how they do that integration. In this particular setup, they had it setup and working with DirecTV. So I guess the idea that the DVR integration will only work with DISH, that there is some exclusive there, simply is NOT true.

Overall, the device seemed not so cohesive… a lot like early versions of Android felt. It was clear to me, from the 5-10 minutes I spent using the device, that it’s early days for Google TV!

2 thoughts on “Playing around with Sony’s Google TV product”

  1. Google would’ve been smarter buying BeyondTv and building on it. BeyondTv is still to this date my preferred DVR. Oh, thanks for the update to 4.9.3!!!!

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