My review of the Tesla Roadster (ie an all-electric sports car)

Tesla Roadster

A while back, I borrowed a friend’s Tesla Roadster for a few days and I’ve always wanted to share my notes on trying it out… So here they are:

* At low speeds: felt like driving a golf cart (no power steering).
* The pickup impressed me, lot of fun to drive down an open winding road.
* Getting in and out was a pain, and I’m not very big. But once in there’s enough room inside.
* Computer shows you how many gallons of gas and barrels of oil you’ve saved — smart and neat.
* Starting the car should be more straightforward (or maybe I should just be smarter? :-)).
* They should put a van de graff generator in the trunk (where the battery is) as a gimmick.
* I liked all the carbon fiber – on the rollbar (is that what it’s called?), around the battery in the trunk.
* It’s neat how clean the thing is – ie no explosions and the ensuing mess (I’ve told people you could eat a meal off the motor’s heat sink… no grease whatsoever!)

And here are some photographs I took of my friend’s Tesla Roadster:

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