Quick running update

A few years ago, I started running again and recently I’ve been pushing myself on both distance and speed. So some recent running data points:
1) Houston Half Marathon 2012, Jan 2012: this was painful, but I managed to eke out 10 minutes a mile– slightly slower than my Houston Half Marathon 2011 run, which was about 9:50.
2) Houston Rodeo Fun Run (10k), Feb 2012: personal record for the 10k at about 54:40 — about 8:50 pace!
3) Woodlands Half Marathon, March 2012: personal record for the half marathon at 2:02:03 — about 9:19 pace!

So I’m getting faster… Going to start doing weekly sprint workouts that will hopefully help me increase my pace even further.

One thought on “Quick running update”

  1. looking good, buddy. let’s plan a central park run next time you’re in town. the trail is much nicer on the knees than the road.

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