Houston limo drivers are afraid of Uber… they say Uber is like “child pornographers” [video]

A few weeks ago, I happened to catch a Houston City Council meeting where a bunch of Houston limo operators spoke out against Uber (thanks to Evan Mintz tweeting about it). Their arguments (if they could be called that) were mostly protectionist and some were more vehement than others. But none of the remarks were more ridiculous than those of Joe Jordan, the President of the Houston Limousine Operators Networking Group. He somehow managed to compare Uber to child pornographers! Here’s a video clip of his remarks:

“The problem with a company like Uber, they only exist in cyberspace. They’re like people who do child pornography or people who do online gambling. They simply move their websites to South America or China.” -Joe Jordan, President, Houston Limo Operators Networking Group.

Like child pornographers? Move their servers to China??

Incredible how uninformed this guy is. Chris Sacca hit the nail on the head in a back and forth on twitter while this was happening:

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