Shaming myself into writing more

OK, I’m going to try to shame myself into writing more by… writing about what I should be writing about.

I should be writing about… how we’re thinking about our office space at SnapStream. In a nut shell, we’re going to “unbundle” our current office at 601 Sawyer– get a separate space for the shipping/receiving and critical infrastructure equipment — and then go “no office” come February and then wait until there line of sight on a widely available vaccine. And then we’ll start making plans for an office that serves our completely new set of needs. Oh and we’ll definitely be upgrading our landlord along the way.

I should be writing about… how we’ve embraced working from home at SnapStream to re-shape how we run the company, trying to write things down more (and our embrace of Notion for internal knowledge sharing), trying to make more decisions asynchronously, the journey from lots of zoom meetings to a mix of zoom meetings and phone calls.

I should be writing about… what I’ve learned on our journey at SnapStream as we’ve been rebooting the company in the last 5 years to set ourselves up to have more impact and grow faster, especially everything we’ve done in the last one year. Which reminds me of this tweet:

How do I solve this, “I don’t write and share publicly enough” problem? What’s missing? A writing coach? A platform (so what I write gets in front of a larger audience)? A community of other wannabe writers (I know the “I want to write/blog more” is a common desire amongst a bunch of my friends)?

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