two interesting articles on the IM industry and Google Talk

I read two interesting articles this morning about Google Talk and the IM industry. First, Nugget’s livejournal post, picked up on slashdot. Thesis: Google’s not implemented s2s in their implementation of Jabber which means that Google Talk users are still in a closed system. What Nugget didn’t try to do is answer the question that this article lead me to: why isn’t Google supporting s2s? There must be some reason for this over there. I read something on one of their Google Talk web pages, where they talked about federation, about how they had federated with sipphone and earthlink because they ‘agreed with their philosophies about open chat systems’ or something like that. It sounds like there are some hints at the reason in that statement, but it doesn’t fully connect the dots for me.

And then there was this story that Nugget posted to about how Google Talk was shaking up the IM world and how this might accelerate some real competition and how that would be a welcome thing.

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