Windows Mobile getting serious traction

I’ve suspected that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile was headed towards alot of traction in the mobile space since I switched to a Cingular 2125 from an old Nokia phone and this story today confirms it:

Microsoft Wins Biggest Phone-Software Order, Rivals BlackBerry

I suspect that Microsoft is throwing a lot of money at carriers and handset manufacturers to seed the market with their products (case in point: you can get a T-Mobile SDA for $30) but in this case they really have a great product that I think will do well beyond the purchased marketshare.

I also ran into Dipsu this weekend at Rice’s Beer Bike. Dipsu’s a friend of mine from Rice, my neighbor my freshman year and an up and coming doctor here in Houston. He’s beginning his cardiology residency next year and I’ve found him to have become pretty damn tech savvy since we knew each other in college. Anyways, Dipsu had a new phone with him. What kind? A T-Mobile MDA. I was surprised. I quizzed him about his choice of the T-Mobile MDA since the last time I had talked technology with a Doctor (at least a year ago) the PDA of choice was the Palm. His comment: “All the medical apps are moving over to Windows Mobile and away from Palm — the last thing I would have done was buy a Palm device.

Go Windows Mobile!

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