W3C MWI presentation


Great high-level presentation how the W3C is hoping to step in and help the mobile web reach its full potential. They’ve dubbed their efforts in this area the MWI (mobile web initiative). The presentation has some great data on mobile web:
– 63% of handsets are “web-capable”* (1.1B handsets)
– there’s almost an order of magnitude difference between the number of “web caapble” handsets out there and the number of wifi connected laptops (there are a lot more handsets!)
– people spend as much time on the net as they do watching TV (14 hours a week in the U.S.)
– browsing represents the majority of data packets for cell phones
– (if you check out the presentation, slide 20 is a great articulation of the myriad of usability problems with the “mobile web”)

* I suspect that this definition of “web capable” sets a low bar for qualification, just a guess… 🙂

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