Let me pay for more space on Gmail (aka I agree with Paul)

I had the same thought as Paul Kedrosky when I read about the paid space increments you can buy for Picasa Web Albums. Why not offer the same thing for GMail? I’m a heavy Gmail user and I’m soon going to need more space (I’m at 80% now, 2.2GB space used). I’d be MORE than happy to pay $25 / year to get up to 6gb. Like Paul, I’m baffled at why they aren’t offering this. I spent some time trying to figure it out and it just doesn’t make sense to me. E-mail is an extremely important communication tool for me and Gmail not only fulfills my needs here, but it adds quite a bit of value over other options IMO. I guess for now I’m fine and hopefully when I get closer to not being fine, Google won’t force me into a position to start deleting stuff. After all, that would violate one of the basic tenets of Gmail: “Don’t throw anything away”

One thought on “Let me pay for more space on Gmail (aka I agree with Paul)”

  1. Not only paid space for Gmail, they should also offer web hosting for their blogging services. In fact, they should offer complete web solutions & they seems to be going the right way with Gbuy also coming soon. I hope they will fulfill the wish of their users by updating their existing services.

    Cheers, Rohit

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