Photographs from this weekend: Hiking, Crissy Field, Green’s, and Fireworks

After a quick meeting in Los Angeles and Gnomedex in Seattle, I flew down to Oakland and spent the weekend hanging out with one of my younger sisters, Arti. She did her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Berkeley (p chem) and is now getting a masters in accupuncture. A photologue of my trip:

Thai restaurant mascot at the corner of Bancroft and Oxford

Berkeley bumper sticker

Vegan raw food place that Arti and I ate at (it was OK…)

Parasailing (is that what it’s called?) at the beach on CA-1, near Santa Cruz (I was just taking photographs before our hike, not participating!)

An outlook from our hike

Arti, Soumya and I picnic and then throw a disc around at Crissy Field, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge

Sunset at Green’s restaurant (taken by Soumya)

Making the trek out the Berkeley Marina on July 4th for the fireworks with Arti and her housemates

They had free valet parking at the Berkeley Marina July 4th carnival, as long as your method of transport was ‘bicycle’.

Having claimed our seats, we wait for the fireworks to begin

This is probably my favorite photograph from the evening, taken after the sun had set while we were waiting for the fireworks to begin. The lights are the lamposts that line the pier.

One of the cool fireworks photographs


Most of the photographs from my trip are here — I also have some images that need to be stitched together for panoramic shots so look forward to those a little bit later. Autostitch (recommended by lifehacker) is the first tool I tried and it didn’t work very well on my images.

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