Houston to get its own sort-of Central Park

Houston Downtown Park

I’m excited to see Houston embarking on a project to add a major park in the middle of Downtown. I used to live in Downtown after following the efforts to revitalize it for several years. Houston, historically a heavily suburban city with a weak city center, had its very own Downtown re-development bubble back in the late 1990s, but like other bubbles, this one has since burst and Downtown real estate appears to have seen a correction. Anyways, details of this new park in Downtown are at DiscoveryGreen.com. It will include:

* One-acre pond
* Playground and children’s areas
* Interactive fountain
* Outdoor ampitheater
* Doggie park
* Jogging trail
* Wifi accessible indoor and outdoor ‘reading room’ areas
* Old oak promenade
* Recreation fields

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