Canon’s SD600: The perfect wedding camera?

I love taking photographs, but it doesn’t always make sense to carry around a bulky SLR. Sometimes, you just want to travel light. So at least for me, the “wedding camera” is an essential — a camera that’s shoots good enough photographs and conveniently slips in and out of your pocket.

My first wedding camera was an Canon Elph APS camera that I bought in downtown Philadelphia while I was there for a friend’s wedding. That was many years ago and since that purchase, I’ve been a big fan of Canon’s Elph line of cameras.

So this afternoon I received my latest “wedding camera”, a Canon SD600:
Canon SD600: The perfect wedding camera?

I could have opted for something more cutting edge in Canon’s Elph line-up (the SD900 is the very latest), but the more recent models didn’t seem to be worth the 1.5x to 2x price difference. The SD600 was only a little more than $200. So far, I like the thing. It’s compact, actually more compact than both the SD700 and the SD900. The LCD is nice and large. It has an acceleratmeter (sp?) that instantly rotates pictures on the camera’s LCD when you turn it from landscape to portrait (I don’t understand why Canon doesn’t market this feature more than they do. Before I bought the camera, I couldn’t find out from Canon’s website or whether it had this sensor in it or not. Apple gets the simple appeal of this feature… it’s too bad that Canon doesn’t). It’s nice and shiny. Does decent quality video.

So is it the perfect wedding camera? As I use it to shoot, upload and print photographs over the next month or two we’ll see, but so far so good.

6 thoughts on “Canon’s SD600: The perfect wedding camera?”

  1. I was thinking of getting exactly the same camera for the same reasons (cost, compact, large LCD). Does it have a red eye problem? The Canon SD20 does, but I think that might be because the SD20 is so small.

  2. I used it earlier tonight and I haven’t noticed any red eye problems since I’ve used it. I know there is a flash mode that reduces red eye but even without that on, with the flash just in automatic mode, it’s been fine.

  3. I have used both sd700 and sd800, sd800 is superb with its wide zoom lense. Image stablization also functions well. overall i m quite happy with sd800

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