PC World is dead (in the blink of an eye)

Just as quick as Digg’s users revolted earlier this week, PC World magazine is pretty much dead today after Harry McCracken resigned over an advertising – editorial conflict. It’s amazing how quickly you can lose everything you have in the digital world. And this quote from the Slashdot posting on the whole affair:

…it essentially confirms that PC World reviews should be thought of as no more than press releases. I know that’s how I will consider links from them in the future.


3 thoughts on “PC World is dead (in the blink of an eye)”

  1. While it’s terrible to see McCracken put into such a situation it gives me a slightly warm and fuzzy feeling to see someone stand up for journalistic integrity and then to see the blogosphere praise him for it. Not that they would have frowned upon his actions, but it’s just nice to see people talking about it.

    I’m certain he’ll have no problem finding a new job, while PC Magazine will have a fairly difficult time regaining any semblance of editorial integrity after this.

  2. I wonder if this will really have any noticeable impact on their bottom line. What percent of their readers will catch this news online and what percent of them will stop reading based on that? The advertisers that catch the story will probably actually enjoy the “news” which could lead to more revenue.

  3. Dave, you ask a reasonable question. I would bet that the majority of PC World subscribers read online news very closely, especially the influencers who will think of this episode every time they see an issue of PC World and will very likely tell other people about it. Personally, I’m surprised that PC World is taking all this publicity as lightly as it seems to be taking it.

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