Marc Andreessen has a whale fetish?

I’m reading through Marc Andreessen’s latest blog post about The Moby Dick theory of big companies and a little ways into the post, I’m kind of impressed at how he’s weaving these relevant quotes (all having to do with whales) into a post about the small company perspective on big companies — and at the same time, I’m not thinking much of the quotes. But by the time I get to whale quote number six or seven… Wait a second, what’s going on here? Does Marc have a whale fetish? Is he quietly building a killer search engine for people with a whale fetish? Is he some sort of whale savant? If it’s supposed to be a sort of joke, I love his sense of humor. Regardless, it works for the material and still makes for a… (wait for it) whale of a good post.

3 thoughts on “Marc Andreessen has a whale fetish?”

  1. Rakesh,
    I could be wrong here, but after reading your post I’m guessing you are a closet How I Met Your Mother fan. Or do you hear that “wait for it” at work???

    I read Marc’s post and enjoyed it. I don’t see my small company ever being purchased by a large company, but I CAN see your company doing that some day… It was certainly a great post by Marc all the same.


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