Dear Photojojo

Dear Photojojo,

I love your newsletter and, in particular, I loved your recent 2007 photography gift guide. I got that prime lense that I’ve been meaning to buy at a great price ($70 for a 50mm f1.8!) plus I picked up one of the accordion albums you guys wrote about too. I’m wishing I had bought the prime lense sooner and my 3 year old daughter had a blast putting together the album (with some assistance) and filling it with photographs for her Dadi’s birthday. Thanks Photojojo! Keep up the good work. Some photographs of gratitude (taken with my new prime lense) below.


My daughter and her dadi (and some freshly baked mini blueberry muffins):

The accordion photo album:

(P.S. The accordion photo album was great. My only wish is that they include the necessary glue with the kit. It was kind of a hassle to find the right kind of glue and it was the only ingredient not included.)

One thought on “Dear Photojojo”

  1. Ahhhh…. that accordion book with the photographs of your daughter looks like a wonderful gift.

    And glad you like the 50 mm prime! I just bought the same kind a few weeks before writing the Holiday Gift Guide, and absolutely love it. Indispensable, really!

    Cheers, and thanks for the letter!


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