More info on the Compass Bank building demolition

I happened to be on Post Oak (near the Galleria) earlier this morning and I had my camera with me so I took some photographs of the Compass Bank that’s Houstonist reported is going to be demolished tomorrow, Sunday March 15.

If you’re wondering where the building is located, it’s across the street from the Sports Authority and near Maggiano’s Little Italy on Post Oak, just up from Westheimer and Post Oak.  Here’s a Google Maps Street View of the building.

While Houstonist reported the building will be demolished at 7:45am, the foreman I talked to said it would be more like 7am to 7:30am.  People who want to watch will be able to from the Hilton, about a block away, a little bit north of Post Oak.  According to the guy I talked to, past there, all traffic (pedestrian, car, bicycle) will be blocked.

If the timing works out I’ll be there on bike with my camera!

UPDATE: Swamplot has a lot more background on the building.

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