Chrome browser share in the past 2 weeks

Matt Cutts asked earlier today what other people were seeing for Chrome browser share in March 2009.  I pulled’s traffic stats from the last two weeks (March 20th through yesterday) and I show Chrome at 3.25%… about half of the 7% that Matt reported for Chrome on his blog.  Another interesting note: Matt’s blog and SnapStream’s website are flip flopped on visitors using Internet Explorer and Firefox.

(I cut the # of visits column out of the table below, I will say that the total number of visits in the past two weeks was >100,000)


3 thoughts on “Chrome browser share in the past 2 weeks”

  1. Interesting! You have a pretty tech-savvy blog, so I’m a little surprised that IE shows up so highly. I wonder if the fact that Beyond TV runs on Windows means that you get more Windows users?

  2. Yes, that’s a good guess on why we get the number of IE users that we do. In general, we maybe just attract a different category of tech-savvy user. You probably get more web early adopters, * maybe gets a more general early adopter / AV enthusiast?

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