Using the Google Nexus One on Airtel in India

I’m in India right now and I’m using this trip to really test out the Nexus One I bought a few weeks ago. The quick summary, so far: the Nexus One is a great phone, I can do almost everything I can do on my iPhone with this thing.

The few times I had used used the Nexus One in the States, I never got past the differences between it and the iPhone. Plus I’m married to my AT&T phone number in the States. But now that I’m kind of forced to use it (the iPhone is a hassle to unlock and use in India), I’m pretty happy with it. Even the battery life isn’t that bad. Anyways, more on this later.

I wanted to document one setting thing I had to do to get data working on my Nexus One with my local provider (Airtel) in case it saves someone else some time. First of all it didn’t just work. So I went digging and found this thread where someone mentioned:

The N1 (and presumably Android) cannot handle a SIM card with multiple GPRS/data access points – which is what Airtel has – Mobile Office and Live!

So I manually setup an APN in Android (Settings -> Wireless -> Mobile -> APN) with the following settings:

Name: Airtel (I think you can put anything you want in here!)
Username: 123456

(And then the MCC and MNC were automatically set to 404 and 10 respectively, and the Authentication Type was set to “None” — I guess these were successfully read off of the SIM. Everything else was ““)

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