Shout out to new marketing agency in Houston

Jason McElweenie did an SEO project for us at SnapStream and Piping and he did some great work for us (if you happen to visit our sites, a lot of the changes he recommended for SnapStream are pending a new site template that we’re still debugging). So, anyways I wanted to wish him best of luck with his new Houston-focused marketing agency, the “You Might Know Me” marketing agency.

Jason, JR and Kerri: best of luck to you all!

Some details from Jason’s email announcing the new venture:

You Might Know Me – A Marketing Agency
Partners: JR Cohen, Jason McElweenie, Kerri Ryan
Website (almost):
Phone: (713) 487-5112
Facebook | Twitter

What we do: marketing strategy, online strategy, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, events, video, and design…and a few more things.

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