Details of Tesla Superchargers in Texas – August 2013

After the news on Sunday that Tesla’s 1st supercharging station in Texas will be in San Marcos, Texas, some Tesla owners did some further sleuthing and here’s what the map looks like for the 1st 4 Tesla Superchargers in Texas:

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So that’s four Tesla Superchargers in Texas with known locations:

  • San Marcos, TX – at the Tanger’s Outlet mall (more on this one below and here)
  • Columbus, TX – at the Comfort Inn there — perfect for Houston to Austin
  • Huntsville, TX – exact location unknown — perfect for Houston to Dallas
  • Waco, TX – exact location unknown — perfect for Dallas to Austin

Here are the details from Dr. William Jones on Sunday August 11, 2013:

This morning, just for fun, I drove down to the Outlet Mall at San Marcos to see if I could find the Superchargers. I did.

While taking the pix below I casually chatted up the workman. The spoke openly, answered all my “casual” question, and had apparently not been sworn to secrecy. Here’s what they said:

1. They are here from Florida and work for a Florida company that is the subcontractor for the six Texas SC stations.
2. Their company is also going to be installing Superchargers from Florida all the way to Maine. There are other subs for other parts of the country.
3. They will finish San Marcos this week, then move up to Waco to begin work there. That job should take 3-4 weeks. The guy wasn’t sure exactly where in Waco they would be (he already had the plans but hadn’t looked at them and didn’t have them at hand).
4. At about the time they start in Waco, another team should be starting the installation at Columbus at a “Comfort Suites or something like that.” I’m guessing it will be here:
5. Next installations after that will be Huntsville – after that he had no info except there are six total in the works.

About San Marcos:
The chargers are in a large parking lot to the east of the main mall buildings and Neiman-Marcus Last Call

Note that there are 5 chargers in place. Each of those two wood enclosures in the background contains 3 cabinets (6 in all), and each cabinet is capable of supporting two Superchargers eventually, total of twelve.
Those two green transformers in the background were just installed by the power company, one for each of the two groups of cabinets. That’s some SERIOUS power coming in!
Tesla Supercharger, San Marcos, TX
Note that they’ve already re-sodded the lawn. You can see that everything has been dug up for the big underground conduits which also go under the street to the actual charging stations (after which they repaved the street).

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  1. The Tanger mall is south of the mall where the SC is located. I believe the name of the mall where the SC is located is “San Marcos Premium Outlets”

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