Problem solved with Bluetooth in Tesla Model S and iPhone 6?

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I’ve had months and months of issues with pairing my iPhone 6 and my Tesla Model S using Bluetooth. And I’m excited to say that think I’ve finally solved the problem!

The problems I was having:

  • Phone would randomly disconnect and then re-pair with my car. Sometimes this seemed to happen every 60 seconds. Happened during phone calls and while using Bluetooth audio
  • Sometimes the phone wouldn’t pair at all– in some of these instances the Bluetooth logo on my phone would be lit up.

tile-hero-shot-flatSolution? I had a Tile tag on my car keychain. I got rid of it and the pairing problems went away.

Tile uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) so I guess that my phone’s connection to the Tile was somehow interfering with its connection to my Tesla Model S… something for Tesla to fix in their Bluetooth implementation.

I’m just happy to once again be able to talk hand-free and listen to music from my iPhone while I’m driving.

6 thoughts on “Problem solved with Bluetooth in Tesla Model S and iPhone 6?”

  1. I have a similar issue with my iPhone 6 Plus and my Pebble SmartWatch(Not with a Tesla however :)). It uses the same BLE protocol and I never had issues prior to getting the Pebble. This may be an issue with the iPhone 6 or with the BLE technology.

    1. Man, was I happy to figure it out! It was really annoying to have Bluetooth only kind-of work. Much worse than it not working at all.

  2. I’m excited to read the posts. I got my car 2 weeks ago and the ONLY thing that isn’t perfect is the Bluetooth dropping of my iphone 6 Plus. I took it to the service center and they rebooted car and watch and said if it kept happening, keep a log of the times. Not hard since it dumps Bluetooth every 5 minutes. I have a Pebble watch and I’m excited to try driving with the watch left at home. I wonder if the new Apple Watch will cause the same issues?

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