The Station Houston Mafia – where are they now?

(Updated October 25, 2019 to add several people I had missed)

I was having a chat with my good friend John Reale (JR), co-founder and former CEO of Station Houston, and we got onto the topic of what an amazing group of people comprised the Station Houston team. As we went through the list, it was clear to me that Station Houston attracted, nurtured and amplified a lot of local talent in Houston.

So what is the Station Houston Mafia up to now? Let’s take a look…

Moral of the story: get good at recognizing special teams and cultures like Station Houston’s and if an opportunity to join one presents itself, take it!

(Did I miss anyone or make a mistake? Let me know in the comments or on twitter at @rakeshagrawal.)

2 thoughts on “The Station Houston Mafia – where are they now?”

  1. I’ve joined Luminare after Station 🙂 great to see my former colleagues all doing awesome things out there!

  2. This is awesome to see where we all have landed – thanks for putting this together, Rakesh! Hope you are doing well.

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