Trick for browsing slow websites on the iPhone

I was at a Blockbuster earlier tonight and we were wondering what the Rotten Tomatoes scores were for a few movies that looked interesting.

I pulled out my iPhone, did a Google search, clicked on the Rotten Tomatoes page and waited. And waited. About 5 minutes later, the page had loaded up. 5 minutes!

It was worth the wait — it prevented us from renting Lions with Lambs. But I still had to do a couple more searches and waiting 5 minutes each time wasn’t going to work. Briefly I wished the iPhone had a text-only browser (and I kind still wish it did) for heavier sites.

But then I figured out something that made accessing Rotten Tomatoes on my iPhone a little bit easier.


I simply accessed the cached version of the page through the Google search results page. On three subsequent visits to Rotten Tomates, I found the page loaded in a minute or so — 5x faster than accessing it directly.


So if you run into a slow site, try loading it up cached from Google and it might speed things up for you.

(And if you’re curious, we ended up renting Burn After Reading and Iron Man.)

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