quick notes from this week

– my new bluetooth mouse came in earlier this week (Logitech MX900, I talked about it here last weekend). it’s working quite well with my iMac and it’s great to have gotten rid of a wire.

– I also received a new external USB 2.0/Firewire hard drive for my periodic backups — 320 GB. I’m going to initiate it this weekend and use it to do my next backup. I really wish my laptop had a larger hard drive.

– My Dell laptop is now running with 2GB of RAM, up from 512 MB. I’ll report in the next couple of days how it impacts the performance of my PC. Basically, I’m hoping it’ll prevent my PC from slowing down when I’m running 10-20 apps at once, each with multiple windows.

– Last weekend, I watched the Aviator and found out that Howard Hughes and I went to the same school… of course, I graduated and he dropped out. He also seems to have married someone with the last name of Rice (Ella Rice), someone presumably connected to Rice’s founder, William Marsh Rice. Good movie by the way, though it wasn’t interesting, well done and thought provoking in the same way that Birth was.

– Just came back from chai at Balaji. If you are in Houston and like chaat-type of Indian food, this is our favorite place. I recommend the pao bhaji and chole bhature.

– We released Beyond TV 3.7 this week. It’s been nearly ready for release for about two weeks, so it was nice to see it go out this week.

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