Peach, apples, and figs

Our fruit trees have been bountiful this year (did I just use the word ‘bountiful’??), yielding baskets of apples, peaches, and most recently, figs. The figs are probably the most interesting ones because they came from a fig tree that was gift from my younger (but not youngest) sister to my Dad many years ago. Was it a birthday gift or father’s day gift? I can’t remember, but as a gift it had my sister’s mark — creative, thoughtful, and unconventional. When was the last time you gave someone a tree as a gift? Anyways, the interesting thing is that I don’t think this tree has grown much fruit in past years, but this year it’s been a basket a day for the past week and the forecast (per the resident green thumb, my Dad) says we’re in for another couple of weeks of figs. Incredible!

A lot of the apples and peaches were turned into aachar (pickles), courtesy of my Mom’s labor and Neelam Batra’s book, Chilis to Chutneys. A basket of hand-picked figs for your viewing pleasure:

Fresh figs!

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