Photo notes from the road

Last weekend in Louisiana:

Wanted: good woman
At the rest-stop just over the Texas border in Louisiana.

Why walk around half dead?
Why walk around half dead?

Alligator skulls for sale… in Louisiana (the best part is hard to read, but it’s entitled “Aren’t alligators endangered?”)

Bobby Jindal bumper sticker
Bobby Jindal bumper stickers and lawn signs were all over the place!

And in Washington D.C. earlier tonight:

Linotype machine at Washington Post office
Linotype machine in front of the Washington Post office — this is what your laser printer obsoleted.

P.S. I caught Spartan on television this evening and re-discovered how much I like David Mamet movies. I’ve only seen a few of his movies (Wag the Dog, The Spanish Prisoner) and one of his plays (Glengarry Glen Ross). What should I see next?

One thought on “Photo notes from the road”

  1. Spanish Prisoner and Heist. I don’t think I’ve seen that many of his movies, though, but I did enjoy those two.

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