Picasa auto-contrast FTW!

Look at the dramatic change that Picasa’s “auto-contrast” feature delivered with a single click.

Before Picasa’s “auto-contrast”:



After Picasa’s “Auto-Contrast”:



(Photograph taken with my Canon Rebel XT, 50mm f1.8 prime lense, no flash, and lots of Delhi Fog.  Location is Lodhi Park in New Delhi, India)

2 thoughts on “Picasa auto-contrast FTW!”

  1. But what did the “reality” look like? I find some of my photos that really ‘pop’ weren’t what I really saw. And does it matter? 🙂 Hmmm….

  2. What I saw with my eyes was probably closer to the original image, but I thought the “auto-contrast”-ed image was just a better image. Changing the contrast effectively “cleared” the fog in the original image.

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