Laser etching a laptop in Houston

I’m working on getting a Macbook Air laser etched so I set out this morning to find a vendor in Houston that could do it for me.  Searching for ‘laser etching macbook’ I found an article on the Make Magazine website mentioning that they used an Epilog Laser.

So I talked to Epilog Laser and they gave me the name of their distributor in Texas, Engraving Concepts.

And then the nice people at Engraving Concepts recommended a few different companies for my laptop etching job:

Texas Laser Creations
Greg Lindsey

Monarch Trophy
Randy Brummel

Academy Awards
James Bonatto

Hope this is useful to others!

UPDATE: Here’s the design I came up with:


(The artwork came from, the template from Instructables, and I’m having the etching done by Monarch Trophies. They’ve never done laptops before but they have 4 Epilog lasers and after reading the online resources on laser etching the Macbook, they were comfortable taking on the project. They’re charging me about $50 — $15 for setup and $35 for the actual etching.)

UPDATE 2: I ended up going with Monarch Trophy. Here are photographs of the final laser-etched Macbook Air.

8 thoughts on “Laser etching a laptop in Houston”

  1. Very cool. I’ve seen mac’s etched before and have casually thought about it. Knowing where and how much (especially in Houston) brings the idea much closer to realization. Please post photos ‘post-op’ 🙂

  2. Can anodized aluminum be etched (engraved or whatever) without harming the finish? There are some manufacturers of firearms part that are offering it. I’m trying to find someone in Houston capable of producing this type of results. Here are some examples of what I’m looking for.

    Do you offer such services? If so I’m interested.

    Regards, Marty

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